May 30, 2011

Where are all the good men?

Good men are hard to find. The saying is still true to this day. I know the saying is cliché, but let's be honest good men aren't exactly raining from the sky above. If it was raining men I'm sure all the available gay men would've already scooped them up anyways. If you're single, if you're not single or if you're in an "it's complicated," I'm sure you have already dated around enough to know that a lot of guys out there just aren't worth the time. Some guys play games, some lead you on and some just don't know how to treat a woman. Why does it seem like there aren't any good men anymore?
Times have changed. Women are taking on the responsibilities as the head of the household, single parent homes are now the norm and people are now meeting their mate off the Internet. It seems like when it comes to relationships things are changing for the worse. So why should we expect the results to be any different when trying to find a good man?

The reality of it is, men are getting lazy and women are accepting it (of course there are always exceptions). When you think about it, being a good man takes hard work. A good man has to be disciplined enough to be loyal, patient enough to respect your boundaries, understanding enough to respect your values, chivalrous enough to treat you like a lady, he has to be trustworthy, appreciative and the list goes on. If this was easy to achieve there would be a lot more good men out there and way less jerks. 

We as women play a part in the demise of good men as well. We have allowed men to get away with being jerks. Think about it... Men will do just about anything to impress a woman. They used to court a woman they were interested in. They used to have to work to get a woman. Now, it seems like women have lowered their standards and are okay with not getting courted. Women are acting like cubic zirconiums instead of the true rare gems that they truly are.
Before a man will understand your worth you have to know you’re worth it. If you act like less then you are, don't be surprised when he follows suit. If a man doesn't have to do anything extra to get with a woman he definitely won't. It's human nature not to work hard for something that can easily be handed to you; this is why someone coined the phrase "work smarter not harder". If women started giving men a challenge again, I know men would rise to the challenge because that's what they're hard-wired to do.
Yes, there will always be the type of girl who will accept a man with too many liabilities; however that doesn't have to be you. You deserve more. If you know that, you will attract someone who believes the same.

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