Decor dedicated to Chanel


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These decorations are just as Coco Chanel would have it "Classy and Fabulous." Not that I would ever get the Chanel logo in the floor of my entry way however, I love how elegant it looks. There is just something about the simplicity of the two C's that captivate me. My eyes love looking at them.
My My Magenta Pie 11/22/12





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No. There is no such thing as Magenta Pie. I am just ready to eat Thanksgiving dinner :) . Magenta is such a great color for popping. The eye gravitates to it whenever it's in a room. It's exciting, vibrant and bold. Here are a few ways to use it in your lives.

Colors by the Sea 11/18/12

Beautiful symmetric geometry read well in an elegant/modern living room.

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The neutrals used in this space make the light tourquoise colors pop, it looks like great decor for an apartment.

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I am fascinated with wall to wall pictures. I would try to look at them all if I were invited to a house with that feature.

I love the different textures in this sitting area. The floor, the luxe curtains, the seashell mirror and the sitting area fabric are all in the same color family but add more interest because of the texture variation.

Dressing Room

This is a great idea for a dressing room. I love the vintage amour in the middle. White makes me very thoughtful, so this is a great space to create an outfit in.









I am still in the process of moving and I am pulling inspirations from different websites for my living room.  I am finding out that I have a nascent ability for interior design, Who knew? I now have an uncanny knack for modern mixed with vintage styles, the color white, giant mirrors and pops of safari.

On a side note:
I really want to thank everyone who has been rockin' with Tarah and the City. I feel so blessed and fortunate to have met so many great bloggers who are loyal and share some of my same interests. Tarah and the City is still growing and I want to take you with me on my journey, If you'd give me the pleasure.  I have so many things in store for you all and as long as your here I'll keep blogging. You keep me going.







Installing a closet system is one of the most effective organizing projects that I have done for myself. A daunting task? Yes indeed, but it is totally worth it. These unique closet systems are effective in their own way. This is how it works:

♥ The first closet allows you to have the clothes and accessories you wear most readily available

♥ The second closet can function as a dressing area, and of course, add a floor-length mirror

♥ The third closet is for those of you with a budget to build your dream closet. It allows for maximum storage options

♥ The fourth closet is great for the handy woman. Installing your own custom shelves will allow you to fit it to the specific needs of your space

♥ The fifth closet has double rods. This is ideal for smaller closets

♥ The sixth closet features cubicles. The possibilities are endless when dealing with cubicles...Stacking your things vertically enables a generous amount of clothing to be stored

I hope you were inspired.







 These are all very inspiring to me.  My favorite is the chalkboard dish display.  They are useful and I want to organize my home just like this. Which ones inspire you?




If you haven't noticed by now, I love to organize. This time I am giving you a glimpse of my inventive organized hair product system.  I had my hair products in a drawer horizontally but, I noticed that some of the products were leaking. Then I tried putting the products vertically in my cabinet but, I had too many products and the ones in the back weren't easily accessible.  I was able to add new cabinet space by using this shoe divider.

 What I  about this system:

 ♥ It's removable (In case you have company)

♥ You can hang it on the back of the door or inside of a closet for easy hiding

♥ My hair products are visible and easily accessible

♥ You can transport it

♥ Shoe dividers are very inexpensive

♥ Keeps your products vertical, so none of them will leak.

I hope this inspired you.



 I love to be creative. This Christmas I wrapped gifts with scrapbook materials. I had so much fun wrapping gifts and listening to Christmas music. Instead of buying new wrapping paper I used the back side of the wrapping paper and made my own circle design. I also improvised instead of buying the decorative sacks I used clear bags and garnished them with pretty ribbon and flowers. I used a paper bag and scrapbook materials and I even used foil to make a candy gift. I hope you enjoy looking at these as much as I enjoyed making them. Be safe as you travel to be with family.


Here is the buffet table. We had Tacos and Rotel with the works.

Here is my centerpiece. I spray painted branches from the tree and the pumpkins.

This is the dessert bar.

Homemade white spider cupcakes with my homemade buttercream frosting. 

I found these laterns at the dollar store.

lunapic_133571830283933_12 DSC07904 IMG_0187 IMG_0180 IMG_0179 IMG_0175 IMG_0176

Next to my Plush Serta mattress, my closet is the most important thing in my room. It loves to be organized and it loves to put on a show for all guests. So I decided to put it on display for all of you. She was very pleased with the results of our new organizing extravagaza. She especially loved the shoe display and she thought the rolled up T.Shirts were inventive. She Loves how I am able to see what I need as soon as I open her up, although she is going to miss seeing my face as I rummage through her to find the perfect pairing. And I'm sure she's going to miss laughing at me when I get fustrated and throw my hands up in desperation (Normally, it's just one finger). My closet thanked me for adding detailed touches like the wrapping paper I used to cover the stackable's fronts and the color coordinated T.Shirts and shoes. All my clothes are organized by the following categories: "Fun", "Business", "Going-out" and "She fancy huh".  She really loves all the T.L.C and attention she has been getting this past week.  What would make her the happiest closet in the world is when I read her all your lovely comments.



Here is a peak into my bedroom drawers.  Yes they are fully organized and I love it! I found these leopard organizers at Ross for 5.99 and went to work once I got home. This is the finished result.  Now there is a place for everything in my drawer and it is easy to remove the leopard organizer to find exactly what I need. More organizing ideas to come.

Here is a peak into my bedroom drawers.  Yes they are fully organized and I love it! I found these leopard organizers at Ross for 5.99 and went to work once I got home. This is the finished result.  Now there is a place for everything in my drawer and it is easy to remove the leopard organizer to find exactly what I need. More organizing ideas to come.


One of my favorite past times is organizing.  It relaxes me and it genuinely makes me happy to see the finished project. Is that weird?  Maybe so, but for me it's no cost therapy.

In order to achieve an organized look in a closet that has been over stuffed with junk, buy baskets to conceal your stuff. I choose these baskets from Ross because of the texture and warm color.  All these baskets were less then 12.99. In fact the smaller baskets that are the same are 6.99 and 7.99 and I used other baskets I had around the house.  I love an overall look that doesn't look too perfect.  Just to add interest I used a color palette instead of one color or I have a theme.  I used warm brown, reds and pops of colors.

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