Classy white, geometric shapes, pointed toe stilettos, glistening gold and mixed materials are all the rave this season.



If you don't see BAD TEACHER for anything other then the fashion Cameron Diaz flaunts in this movie, you won't be disappointed. From the redbottoms, diva shades and the leather jacket Bad Teacher scores all good points in wardrobe. Take a look at some of the outfits that inspired me. It's all about the attitude and how Cameron Diaz's character wears the outfits. I am so inspired that I am going to do some posts with my version of these outfits. Stay Tuned.


Hunger Games the movie was beautifully done. I never read the books but, I've been hearing about it all over the blogging world so I decided to check it out. After Dusk on a lazy Sunday I took my boyfriend along with me to watch Hunger Games. Although the theme was disturbing, I couldn't help but think about the characters and how they related to our reality.  What better way to relate it to our culture by intertwining the Hunger Games with Hollywood.  Many new artists have false expectations of Hollywood. Hollywood can eat you up and kill your career in a matter of seconds. New artists are thrown into an arena with many others and compete for loyal fans and sponsors. They have to kill the competition in order to be at the top. So here are the best new rising stars by Bill Lamb  and how they rate in the Hunger Games according to me. 

Luna Del Rey's music is thoughtful, courageous and hopeful.  Her voice is bluesy and deep with a sad after thought. She is original and she doesn't try too hard.
Cher Lloyd is playful and her songs are childish which is a sigh of relief from our sex invoked pop songs that we hear everyday (Hi Rihanna).

Ed Sheeran is a courageous blue eyed soul singer with a country twang.  He is sensitive and caring, a woman's protector just like Peeta Mellark. 

Micheal Kiwanuku has a classic voice that is reminiscent of Bill Withers. He croons about "Going Home" which is something Katniss' best friend Gale Hawthorne probably sang in honor of her. 

Gotye has been releasing music since he was 2. This artist knows what he's doing like the mentor Haymitch Abernathy.  He has a pop voice and a catchy song. 
Karmin is a duo that gained notoriety from their cover of songs like Lil Wayne's "6 ft. 7 ft. Tall" and Chris Brown's "Look At Me Now". Now they are making their own music. The arrogant music reminds me of the character Clove.  Their song "Crash your party" is something Clove would sing to Katniss.  

Skrillex is a dance mixing genius. He has received 5 Grammy nominations. He is expected to win and so was Cato. 

Frank Ocean worked with arguably the most powerful music couple Beyonce and Jay Z.  He is a strong and silent type except when it comes to his music. His approach to music is subtle and his voice is relaxing. Thresh was also strong and silent, he was from district 11. 


Sucker Punch is a movie about a girl named Babydoll who is put in a mental institute by her evil stepfather. In order to escape she has to get five things. To get these five things she dances and fantasizes missions that her and the other girls are on to retrieve the things she needs. In the end she uses her talents and sacrifices for her goals.

 Deja Thomas is the real hero of John Carter. She is a princess who is very intelligent. She is a scientist and she sets out to save her village from the evil man she is being forced to marry. Throughout the process she shows her courage by always following her inner voice, she never gives up even in the face of defeat.

Katniss is the courageous woman who took her sisters place in the Hunger Games. She was confident in her skills and that led her to the victory.

This is Michonne, she is a new hero from The Walking Dead. The writers of The Walking Dead just introduced Michonne. She is a zombie slayer who is crafty with her sword and has survived the apocalypse. I can't wait to see her character next Fall.

My hat goes off to the stay at home Mom's, independent women who take care of home,  the career women that has her own and most of all the women who follow their dreams. People are automatic naysayers to things they don't understand. So I want to encourage all my fellow bloggers to be courageous like Katniss and follow your inner voice like Deja Thomas. Sacrfice for your passion like Babydoll and be bad ass like Michonne.  There will be challenges but have the courage to listen to your inner voice. I always believe my inner voice is God speaking to me and I trust that opportunity will come if I obey. Being a super hero has many great chracteristics that we could use in our everyday lives.


Yesterday was the premiere of June Ambrose's new reality show "Styled by June". June Ambrose is a celebrity stylist who has worked with Hollywood's most popular like: Jay Z, Mariah Carey, Kanye West, Mary J Blige, Sean "Diddy" Combs and Jaime Foxx. June Ambrose is showing the person behind the big hats, giant shades and the designer clothes. People who aspire to be in the fashion industry can take notes from June. Not only does she have great fashion sense but, she has a lovely personality also. Her style is quirky, fun and classy.  Styled by June comes on Mondays on VH1.


Untitled #16

1.Suzannah.com,$1,020 2. Balmain.com, $2,575 3. Marni, $400 4. Vidya, $28 5. Kenneth Jay Lane $120 6. Chanel 7. Stila Lip gloss, $ 12

In honor of John F. Kennedy's birthday today, I wanted to pay tribute to one of America's most beloved fashion icons, his wife.  Here's some fun facts about the late Jackie:

♥ She is the first and only catholic first lady

♥She and John F. Kennedy got engaged on my birthday, June 25 in 1953

♥At 31 she was one of the youngest first ladies

♥Jackie gave a televised tour of the White House after she restored it

♥She spent $45,466 dollars more on fashion than the $100,000 annual salary her husband earned as President

♥ Jackie is recognized as being the single biggest fashion influence in history


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