Jan 15, 2013

Sheer Black

There is something sexy and provocative about black.  When black goes translucent it is a sexy mysterious nudge for all to take a second look.  Personally, sheer black has been one of the fashion trends I have been most excited about.  It's just so damn sexy.

(Source top to bottom:  sleeplessnightsandpillowfights.tumblr.com via Tarah on Pinterest,  Source: sonattab.tumblr.com via Tarah on Pinterest,  Source: data.whicdn.com via Tarah on Pinterest,  Source: romwe.com via Tarah on Pinterest,  Source: davidburtonstudio.com via Tarah on Pinterest, Source: street-fashion.tumblr.com via Tarah on Pinterest,  Source: vogue.com via Tarah on Pinterest)


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