May 24, 2011

Platonic Intentions

“He’s just a friend.” “She’s just a friend.” Followed by the, “I swear nothing has ever happened between us.” This is what you may find your mate saying when you question their friendship with the opposite sex. Naturally you may question your mate’s relationships with the opposite sex but, if they truly are “just friends” then you will know. Most people have intentions in mind when they are dealing with someone. If their intentions are to be romantically involved with their so-called “friend”, then it won’t be too long before the truth surfaces.

I’ve had many male friends who have been great until they tried to cross the friendship line. For men and women, being platonic friends is not an easy feat. According to an article by Clifford N. Lazarus, Ph.D., men and women can’t be “just friends”. He states that it’s harder for men to define intimate relationships with women as non-sexual due to their species evolution. To be “just friends” goes against their DNA. Also, men are more sexual beings, therefore, your male friend has probably thought about having sex with you at one time or another.

According to science it is not likely that men and women can be “just friends”. However, there is an exception to every rule. I have been friends with a heterosexual man for 15 years. We are truly like brother and sister. There is no way either one of us would ever cross that line. Contrary to popular belief, men and women can be friends. If a man and a woman genuinely want to be friends, then it is possible. The problem is not that women and men can’t be friends; the problem lies with finding someone with platonic intentions.


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