Sep 26, 2011

On your side of the bed

Have you ever been forced out of the bed because your boyfriend was sleeping on your side of the bed?  Doesn't it just irk your nerves that you either have to fall out of the bed, be squished,  uncomfortable on the edge of the bed or trying to budge a grown ass man on their side of the bed?  If you've had this problem don't worry there is a way to solve it that doesn't involve money, sleeping alone or you giving him a black eye. Here's how I got my boyfriend to stay on his side of the bed.

Four in the morning, wide awake, starring at the ceiling fan; It's hot, I look to my left and find this big man in my bubble.  I'm small in stature so I scoot over a little more and rest my eyes again.  Three minutes later, I'm suddenly hot all over again.  I look to my left and again a big man is back in my area.  I nudge him back over to his side and exhale, back to sleep I go.  Fifteen minutes have passed and I am now breathing on the back of this big man's head because again he has rolled back over to my side.  In a rage, I grab my pillow and storm out the bedroom to sleep on the couch.

The next morning,  I woke up to my boyfriend apologizing for kicking me out of the bed.  I looked at him and rolled my eyes, after all this is not the first time he has slept with no regard for me.  This had to stop, or our relationship could be compromised.  Yes, our relationship could get turbulant because sleep is very important to me.

As my day went on I was still upset with him for what he did in his lack of consciousness,  however I can never stay mad at him for long.  To ensure a good nights sleep for both of us, I decided to persuade his unconscious mind to stay on his side of the bed because telling him wasn't working.

I cooked him a delicious chicken alfredo meal and we were involved in innocent flirty foreplay the whole night.  Finally, it was time to go to bed.  Of course he wasn't letting me sleep without getting it in first, therefore ... I put it on him ( yes, I have a big ego :-D ).  I had him right where I wanted him, and I said "Now, are you going to stay on your side of the bed... Huh, huh ?"  He kinda giggled and gave me a breathy "Yea".

That night I had plenty of room.  I slept exceptionally well and not one finger, or toe crossed the border that I call "My side of the bed".  If your are dealing with sleep issues like this try to speak to his unconscious mind.  Actually if you want your man to do anything speak to him in his most vulnerable intimate moments with you and I guarentee you'll get it.


  1. Very nice story. Thank for sharing this....

  2. I need to dig through my SATC dvds! This brings back some great episodes!

  3. This is funny! I can imagine this working. Guys can be so simple at times :).

  4. One time when my little sister and I had to share a bed, she rolled over and punch me in the face.

    I was so pissed I couldn't sleep, so I hit her back and rolled over and pretended to be asleep when she woke up.

    I'm terrible.

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  6. So glad you loved the orange jacket in today's post! A lot of readers wanted it as well so I am glad I was able to find it, the link is provided in the caption so I do hope you'll go back and get it :)

  7. like this! HAHA one I watched SATC with my boyfriend, I said: I really love Carry but I look nothing like her.. he said no.. You look even more like Big.. XD! haha x


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