Oct 24, 2011

Everyone falls short sometime

Life is too rough not to believe in something at the end of the day.  It's hard to have relationships with people because people will fall short. People will hurt you. Even if they have the best intentions at heart, people won't always act the way you think they should. Frankly, sometimes people don't deserve you.

We have a relationship with God and we hurt him. We fall short and we don't always do the things we should do. However, God will never forsake you no matter what. Proverbs 24:16 says "A man falls seven times but rises back up again." No matter what you do or how much you hurt the Lord, it's never too late. His mercy endures forever. He will forgive you with no condemnation.

We owe it to God to forgive the people that hurt us.  We shouldn't carry a burden of anger around for anyone. We receive all the chances we ask for with God.  We owe it to him to follow in the likeness of him and have mercy on the wrongdoers.


  1. Such an awesome post. I agree. Forgiveness is key. Whether you forgive them and let them back in your life or forgive them and let them go on their merry way, it makes no sense to carry around anger.

  2. So true. Sometimes we tend to be so wallowed up in our hurt, that we tend to hang on to it and forget that we ourselves too have hurt others, yet we expect them forgive us for our wrongs. Bearing a grudge will just hamper you from moving on with life. Though forgiving someone who hurt you is immensely difficult, it is the only way to set yourself free.

    Great post, love.


    A Single Girl's Musings

  3. Hi Tarah: I really like what you have written here in this blog. The way you view love and relationship, and your sincere attitude. Relationship must be the most complicated and unpredictable thing everyone of us has to deal with over a course of a lifetime. It doesn't always end the way we wish but we learn something from it and mature.

    Thanks so much for stopping by. Hoping to see and hear more from you :)

  4. This is really good. So many times in relationships we get caught up in who is wrong, instead of just letting it go and learning to forgive.

  5. I soooo miss Sex & the City, there's just nothing like it!


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