Nov 21, 2011

My Weekend Rave

Last Monday I raved about the movie Immortals. I previously stated that Immortals is greek mythology based. Staying with the theme of Greek, I went to a Greek cafe with some friends this Saturday. The cafe is called Niko Niko's, it was featured on the food network show Guy's Big Bite.  Upon arriving, the parking lot was full and there was a line outside the door.  I knew the food had to be good because people in Houston are too impatient to wait on anything.

Let me tell you that food was delicious.  I was upset that I had never been there after the first bite.  The food was like a high, the first time is always the best and the gyro I had popped my Niko Niko's cherry.  I'm totally in love with this Greek and American cafe. If you're ever in Houston be sure to stop by Niko Niko's and order a gyro with a greek salad. If you're a fry lover this is also the place to go. One thing they don't do is make you feel jipped the side order needs it's own plate.  Trust me you will get your money's worth.

What is your weekend rave?


  1. I haven't tried Greek cuisine yet. Hmm I wonder if there are any Greek restos in my city, reading you rave about it sparked my interest :)


    A Single Girl's Musings

  2. I totally have to try this place, I love Greek cuisine..yum..yum.

  3. MMMMmmmm sounds good! We have a greek restaurant here in KC called Tasso's, I been wanting to try a Gyro for a while. I need to go just for the experience, I love trying new things. Cool post!

    -Nicole Alicia

  4. Tarah I love this place! I am so happy you found it.


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