Apr 9, 2012

Female Super Heroes

Sucker Punch is a movie about a girl named Babydoll who is put in a mental institute by her evil stepfather. In order to escape she has to get five things. To get these five things she dances and fantasizes missions that her and the other girls are on to retrieve the things she needs. In the end she uses her talents and sacrifices for her goals.

 Deja Thomas is the real hero of John Carter. She is a princess who is very intelligent. She is a scientist and she sets out to save her village from the evil man she is being forced to marry. Throughout the process she shows her courage by always following her inner voice, she never gives up even in the face of defeat.

Katniss is the courageous woman who took her sisters place in the Hunger Games. She was confident in her skills and that led her to the victory.

This is Michonne, she is a new hero from The Walking Dead. The writers of The Walking Dead just introduced Michonne. She is a zombie slayer who is crafty with her sword and has survived the apocalypse. I can't wait to see her character next Fall.

My hat goes off to the stay at home Mom's, independent women who take care of home,  the career women that has her own and most of all the women who follow their dreams. People are automatic naysayers to things they don't understand. So I want to encourage all my fellow bloggers to be courageous like Katniss and follow your inner voice like Deja Thomas. Sacrfice for your passion like Babydoll and be bad ass like Michonne.  There will be challenges but have the courage to listen to your inner voice. I always believe my inner voice is God speaking to me and I trust that opportunity will come if I obey. Being a super hero has many great chracteristics that we could use in our everyday lives.


  1. Thanks for this encouraging post. :)

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    1. :) I'm happy that you think it is interesting. I will be happy to help you improve your english Chiara.

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  4. I loooooved Sucker Punch, the girls are amazing!

  5. I love superheroes' movies. Really really do!! There's a part of every person that is entertained by the idealistic, the fantastic. THE POWER :D
    Thank you so much for stopping by, and for your sweet comment, I'm following you back now, on GFC, bloglovin and G+ :D

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  6. I want to be one!! :)

    Have a nice day Tara!!

  7. Awesome pics! I totally dreamed I was Katniss last night, haha :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  8. tnx for your sweet comment on my blog linlicious-style.nl

    I love this movie!
    great post and great photo's!
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