Jan 26, 2013

Paris Fashion Week Street Style

I love the bold skirt paired with the vintage T. She rocks out with a over sized collar black coat. "Killing it!"

Be a leader not a follower. Let your outerwear speak for you.

                         A dope ass sweater dress paired with a classic Chanel hat, I say..."Genius!"

I spy crescent moon sunglasses and a patent leather skirt, "Oh Hell Yes!"

                                        The metallic shorts off set this sweetly wild layering.

                                                             Leather Skeleton cutout. DOPE

(Source from top to bottom: elle.com via Tarah on Pinterest

Source: elle.com via Tarah on Pinterest,Source: elle.com via Tarah on Pinterest,Source: elle.com via Tarah on PinterestSource: elle.com via Tarah on PinterestSource: elle.com via Tarah on Pinterest)


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