May 30, 2011

I Fell in Love with my Best Friend

Many people shy away from being overly corny but, that may be because people haven't found a love like mine.  I can't imagine a better half that completes me. I didn't feel whole before I met him. And now I have found my missing half. My life has been truly and happily fulfilled since he swept me off my two feet.

 His arms hold all of me, my pain, my needs, my moods and my love. His heart is giant, it holds unconditional love for me, and it holds patience in my times of frustration for me and compassion in the moments when I lack.

His lips kiss all my worries away; they bring me joy, security and comfort. His eyes see the me that I sometimes don't see, in the midst of defeat he sees my opportunity and when I don't have confidence in myself he gives it to me.

His laugh contains the medicine for my remedy; it is an infectious disease that promises deliverance from anger. If you're around him you'll see that his charisma won't allow you to be a stranger. He gives me a shoulder to cry on at times and uses his humor to help dry my eyes.

His words mean so much to me. They collect me when I'm losing it. For three years faithfully they tell me I'm beautiful every day. And often I can't wait to hear all he has to say.  Most importantly he proves that by me he will stand.
Boy, am I lucky I fell in love with my best friend.


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