Jun 2, 2011

Single Status

Over the years having the single status has been referred to as a curse and a blessing. Some women pride themselves on the fact that they are single independent women who refuse to settle. Some women are tired of proving to the world that she can take care of herself and are ready to let a man take care of her and some women are just ready for love.

Is your single status an honor or a plague? If you’ve been single for long enough to get to know exactly who you are then I am sure you already know what you want in a man.  Are you single because you choose to be or are you choosing not settle until you find Mr. Right?  What is holding you back from being in a relationship?

Being single is fun but, at the end of the day every woman wants to be loved by someone other than family and friends. We want that special one. You have to admit that to yourself before you can begin to open up and let that special person in. If you are truly open and ready for all the possibilities that come with love which include, commitment, honesty, vulnerability, trust and pain then a relationship isn’t far off.

What you believe will come out some way subconsciously. If you aren’t open to new things people can read that from you and as a result they will be more hesitant to talk to you.  When trying to find love you cannot be closed off because your perfect man may not be exactly how you expect him to be. Be open to new people and new adventures and love will open up to you.
So what’s your single status?

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