Jun 27, 2011

The Comfort of Venting

It's like release therapy when we're able to finally let our true emotions out to an outsider.  We find comfort in venting.  When we have issues within our relationship we tend to vent to other women.  We feel better when we are running our mouths about our problems to a girlfriend rather than communicating our emotions with our man.   As women we understand each other far better than men seem to.   So, having that talk with our man seems more like a daunting task than a movement in the right direction. 

Now, there may be some repercussions form venting your problems to a friend, because after all, her loyalty is to you, not him.  Your friend may start to have negative thoughts and feelings towards him because of the things you have told her in confidence.   If you are talking bad about your man to her then you may be sending a message that it is okay for her to bash him.  Once the issue is resolved and you and your man are in a good place she still might be thinking about all the negative things he’s done, and may not let you forget either. 

For the record, I’m not saying that all women do that.  I have a best friend that I can tell anything to and she doesn’t judge and doesn’t ever say anything negative about my relationship because she respects it and my feelings.  However, from my experience, most people feed on negative energy and will try to keep it afloat. 

Some things are better kept between the two people in the relationship. That eager sensation to share your business with others should be suppressed.  Sometimes it helps to vent, but everyone is not trustworthy.   So, be careful who you run your mouth to because Haters Hate Love.  Do you ever find yourself in a situation you don't like because you've ran your mouth to the wrong person? What's your philosophy behind this issue?


  1. We love what you have to say. =]

    And we are hoping you'd come to our chatroom tomorrow -- we're battling the boys and discussing relationships. =] We're inviting you to join the college fun!

    Kimberly, FWB

  2. I completely agree with you! I'm the kind of person who likes to tell my friends the bare minimum (unless I'm in an argument where I KNOW I'm right). Friends tend to automatically side with you because that's just what friends do but sometimes you need to keep it between you and your partner. . .in the end, you both need to be happy and communicating with each other.


  3. Thanks babe! It's just a scarf by H&M so you can make one yourself!

  4. I have a few friends that I can tell anything to and we're all in the same circle, but sometimes I just wait until my guy and I work things out before I go telling my girlfriends things. Just as you mentioned, they may start to see him in a negative life if that's all they hear me talking about.

  5. Oh yes...I've found myself in situations where I ran my mouth and said something I shouldn't say. Friends have turned on me..it's tough! I call my mom, even though I am bound to get a lecture, it won't go anywhere if I tell her!


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