Jul 18, 2011

Actions Speak Louder than Words

There are times in relationships when you start to question a person’s intentions.  No matter how strong your relationship is, sometimes you need reassurance.  When people get comfortable they tend to start talking without the sensor. You begin to see the real person and how they truly are.  The person is no longer on their best behavior and they are comfortable showing you their true self.  In your relationship he is going to say things that piss you off, he will say things that make you uncomfortable, and he will say things that make you question his love for you. In all fairness, you will say things that do that too.  This is when you get in your feelings and start to become emotional when it may not be necessary/This is when you get in your emotions and start acting irrationally.

When you’re in a relationship about 40 % is logical and 60 % is emotional.  I propose we become more logical in a relationship.  If your boyfriend tells you one thing but does something different then always trust his actions before you trust his words; that’s logic.  My boyfriend is a jokester so he says a lot of things for laughs.  When I’m not in the playing mood sometimes I take his jokes too seriously against my better judgment.  Later, I’ll think about them and start getting upset about what he’s said.  In one of his non-joking moods he’s told me several times that his mom and his sister will always come before me no matter what.  Naturally, at first I was content with that.  However, the more involved we got the more I started feeling less like a priority and more like an option.  

 Despite the fact that I didn’t feel like a priority, his actions screamed that I was.   Recently he bought me a beautiful promise ring that represented his love and dedication to our relationship.  Then he moved 700 miles away from his family to be with me.  For the first time I realized that I was a priority; he had finally put me first and I knew that because of his actions.  

No matter what a man says, his actions will always foreshadow the man that he is and the man that he will be to you.  Remember, it’s our actions that show our true feelings for the other person.  In relationships would you rather him declare his love for you in words or through action?

your words are what bind you; Your actions are what define you. -M.H


  1. I love this post! This so true, I would much rather my guy show me his true feelings as opposed to telling me. Someone can talk all day about how much they care, but it all comes down to their actions.

  2. The act definitely wears off once you've been in a relationship for a while and you see them for how they really are. I'd like to see his true colors in both actions and words (but mostly actions lol).

  3. I hate all talk! When a guy does that, I think of a sleazy car salesman that may not have good intentions. Lynn, That is soo true and I agree. Carrymel, I agree with you too you can't help but see the true person after you've been with them for so long. I do agree that sometimes you need to hear words too. Like my bestfriend says " Your words are what bind you, your actions are what define you."

  4. I like this post, it hits a sore spot for me, whenever I look back on my past boyfriends and only until I broke up with them have I realized that I had kept myself blind from all the warning signals that ultimately led to the end of the relationship. And, had I used logic over emotion, I would not have ended up as hurt as I did.

    As for my boyfriend now, he says one thing but acts completely the opposite, but this time, it's a good thing. He makes no promises, no assurances, but his efforts and his actions tell me that he is. It's a bit uncomfortable, maybe because deep down, I want to be assured, but in the end, words are cheap, and some men talk the talk but can't walk the walk.

    Very interesting blog, following you now. Have a nice day.

  5. Thanks for your feedback and the follow ChiChi81. I'm very happy that you found a guy that shows his love better than he can tell you. You go girl!

  6. Actions truly speak louder than words, it is not limited to male/female relationships but friendships as well, and even at the workplace too. I no longer believe what people say, but only through their actions. wonderful post!

  7. Thanks, B. Inspired. That's so true! It does pertain to all relationships. You can weed out the real from the fake if you believe their actions over their words.

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  9. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I like this post because it is truly what I believe. I take words at face value, and watch what people do to determine what they really are saying or about. With everyone. I think this is a great post!:)

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