Aug 25, 2011

Bi Curious

I was ready for martinis, but I wanted to go to a hip new spot here in Houston.  My friend and I searched for the perfect spot to get our drink on at. We ended up at a video lounge called Guava Lamp.  I just knew I was going to have to swat all the guys off tonight, because I was looking too good.  The website was boasting this was the place to go to meet Mr. Right.  After entering the video bar I realized the men were not starring at me because I was hot, they were starring at me because I was out of place.

Hmmm... What gave me that idea?  The stares, the house music and the music video with the oiled up guys showing their asses. Oh, my gosh. This is the third time my friend has brought me to a gay bar without my consent. I ran to the bathroom to make sure I didn't have cake on my face (which is what I was imagining).  "I'm going to kill him" I thought to myself as I looked at the poster promoting the Booty Banana Boys appearance.

As the evening progresses and the drinks started flowing I actually really enjoyed this experience. The bartender was very nice and made some bomb drinks for the cheap.  You can request any music video you want to watch as you socialize or throw back some  dirty martinis for the less.  I think gay bars are great for an attached girl like myself. This a place you can go to to get the bar scene and the drinks without worrying about how to turn down the guys.  This is also a good place to go to see if that guy you are dating is on the straight and narrow.  What do you ladies think of going to gay bars?


  1. You are hot as shit! I made one of my guy friends take me to a gay bar in Dupont Circle one night, I had such a good time. Some gay guy came up to me and kept telling me that I looked like Irene Cara from Fame.

  2. Thanks Mackenzie! Lol
    LMAO @ the drunken gay guy, I was told my shoes were hot by all the guys, lol.

  3. Tarah you are smokin! I have never been to a gay bar, and I feel lame for typing this because I always wanted to go.



  4. Damn ma! Why you didn't tell us you had a bawdy?? lol

    Nah, but seriously - love you in that dress! :D I've been to gay clubs before and I always have a blast. I'm also attached, so it's nice to just go out to dance like I originally intended and not have to re-direct attention from guys to my single friends.

  5. red looks damn good on you girl! you're killing it!


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