Aug 18, 2011

True Story

You've heard the saying "What goes around, comes around." The saying is so true, beware of what you put out in the universe.  Like every couple, me and my b.f argue from time to time. It's healthy and fuel for our make up session.  This particular argument happened to be completely unnecessary and fully my fault.  After the argument I made a dramatic New York (from Flavor of Love) style exit. As I fled his apartment I knew I would regret making this such a big deal but, I had already packed up all my things so I had to stay committed to it.

A few hours later I had completely calmed down and failed to rationalize my complete overreaction to the whole situation.  I knew I had to make a dramatic apology to make it right between us again. In every romantic comedy when the person messes up they make a grand jester to get their lover back. Carrie did it to Aidan by walking his diarrhea dog down 5th ave, and now it was my turn.  I planned a sexy jester to prove how sorry I was for earlier.  This was a little less original, it was more of a trench coat situation.

I'm dressed like a hooker in my trench and my leopard stripper platforms walking up the steps to his apartment. I had this rehearsed. I was going to walk in real sexy like and say " Truce" as I whipped my trench coat open exposing my Victoria's Secret.

That is not at all how it happened. I didn't make it past the wooden floor without falling on my knees.
I grabbed him for balance not once but, twice before hitting the ground. O.M.G! I was so embarrassed! I shouted for him to turn around so, I could escape.  Once he did I crawled on all fours to the bed room I crawled because for one I needed practice walking on the carpet with these heels and two I didn't want to him to see the look of horror on my face.

I changed into pajamas and about thirty minutes later I faced him. I told him I was sorry for earlier and I didn't want to talk about what had happened.

In relationships we are transparent. We let people come into our lives and challenge them to love us flaws and all.   When you make mistakes you are challenging a person to love you. To make it less of a challenge you can decide to apologize.  In whatever way you prefer you need to make your partner know that you are sorry.  But, Ladies be careful when it involves 7 inch stilletos.


  1. Real talk, i've always wanted to do the whole trench coat thing but i never really had the opportunity (or the balls lol).

  2. This post is both humorous and logical. I love the bit where you were planning this grand scheme to apologize only to have tripped >.<" Life, as expected, don't really turn out the way we plan it sometimes. But I'm so glad you guys patched things up. The plan may not have worked in your favour, but at least the end result was to yours.


    A Single Girl's Musings

  3. Great post, glad everything worked out. You may want to try this at a later date without the heels :) True words, I know my hubby loves me flaws and all. I am grateful to have such a man.

    Lisa x (new follower)

  4. :-) Thanks for the encouraging words ladies! I'm glad I can look back and laugh at this situation. Whoa I was horrified at first ! lol

  5. This post is so funny Tarah! I am glad that everything worked out in the end :).




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