Aug 6, 2011

Keeping the zsa zsa zsu in a relationship

The zsa zsa zsu is that feeling you get when you first start getting serious with a guy . It's a feeling of nostalgia, puppy love and sheer obsession.  The bad thing about the zsa zsa zsu is it ends almost as quickly as it began, unless you are constantly resuscitating it.  
I like to think of my relationship as having the zsa zsa zsu. We're both madly in love and people don't understand why we don't ever want to be apart from each other.  We are each others best friends. Throughout our three in a half year romantic relationship we have kept the zsa zsa zsu and here are some ways we do it. 
  • We decided to pick out and buy each others clothes to wear on a date. Then we surprised each other with our outfits the day of our date.  

  • I surprised my b.f with patio furniture. Then we had romantic dinner on the patio and had romantic music playing in the background.

  • We plan movie matinees  during the week and get two movies for the price of one (If you know what I mean)

  • We have theme nights. Recently, we had a skinny girl margaritas and SATC night (of course it was my night to pick the theme)  

  • We have a list of funniest T.V clips that make us laugh so hard we both end up on the floor gasping for air 

  • We pick recipes out of cook books and we cook them together 

  • My b.f and I go bike riding together once or twice a month

  • Like kids we wrestle, giggle and tease each other

  • We find new music and share it with each other

  • We treat my dog Sammy like he's our kid

  • We play games like uno, slap jack, basketball, monopoly, the un-game and dominos

These are just some examples of how we keep our relationship new.  Do you think it's important to keep the zsa zsa zsu in a relationship? What are some ways you renew your relationship? 


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